Quick Keto Snack

Snacking is an important part of my everyday routine. Making sure I maintain ketosis in my snack making is crucial. However, it’s also relatively easy once you’re in the correct mindset and habits with the keto diet.

This is one of my favorites that I like to throw together. The pepperonis and the Italian dressing satisfy my craving for pizza. The ranch dressing and cheese increase the fat content which always makes it feel like you’re getting a treat. I feel like my secret ingredient is heating it all up in a skillet so that the pepperonis develop a “potato chip” like crunch in your mouth as well.  Macros figure out roughly to  Total Fat 23g -Total Carbohydrate 3g – Protein 13g







15 slices of pepperoni

2 slices deli turkey

1 slice mozzarella

1 Tbs Italian dressing

1 Tbs Ranch dressing



Heat meats in a skillet, flip, then top with cheese until it melts.

Move to your plate and top with both dressings and enjoy!






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